James Rodriguez Net Worth

James Rodriguez Net Worth 2021 Forbes

James Rodriguez Net Worth

This post will reveal the Net Worth of James Rodriguez, How Old Is James Rodriguez, and The Complete Bio of James Rodriguez, James Wife, and Kids- according to Wikipedia and Forbes Update.

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What Is James Rodriguez Net Worth?

Currently, the famous Colombian Player and Also Bayern Munich player, James Rodriguez, has an estimated Net Worth of 20 Million Dollars as at 22/09/2021 NeoLife Updates And Forbes Updates.

James Rodriguez Net Worth: $20 Million
Full Name: James David Rodríguez Rubio
Date of Birth: 12 July 1991
AgeHow Old: 28 Years Old
Nationality: Colombian
Place of Birth: Cúcuta, Colombia
How TallHeight: 5ft 11in (1.81 m)
Occupation(s): Soccer player
Last Updated: 22/09/2021

James Rodriguez Net Worth:

James Rodriguez Net Worth:

James David Rodríguez Rubio professionally referred to as James Rodriguez, is a Colombian expert footballer who plays as a midfielder for the Colombian national team.

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As at 22/09/2021, James Rodriguez has an estimated Net Worth Of $20 Million Dollar According to Forbes

In 2012, James Rodriguez won the Portuguese Golden Ball award. At 21 he moved to Monaco for a transfer charge of €45 million Euros.

James Rodriguez won the renowned “Golden Boot” grant at the 2014 FIFA World Cup as he was the best scorer in the competition at that p; point, marked a six-year contract with ‘Real Madrid’ for an exchange expense of £70 million Pounds.

Rodriguez was going to Real Madrid for a £70m exchange fee, turning into the 4th most costly player in history at the time.

It was practically twofold what ‘Monaco FC’ had paid for the gifted attacking midfielder only a year sooner. What’s more, Rodriguez was apparently given an agreement worth €8.2m Euros yearly at Real Madrid. (James Rodriguez Net Worth)

Despite Real Madrid spending around €115m on the rising Rodriguez over a 3-year time frame, it could be to have the club’s effect.

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In the wake of joining Real Madrid in 2014, Rodriguez quickly turned into the 8th most elevated earning football player on the planet.

Only 16% of his income that year originated from endorsements. In that year, Rodriguez brought home $25.4m, $21.4m of which originated from his Real Madrid compensation and rewards. (James Rodriguez Net Worth)

In 2016, Rodriguez’s endorsement income topped at $7m, which was around 33% of his absolute profit of $21.9m.

Rodriguez has brought home $89m over the most recent 4 years. Having marked a $9m deal with ‘Bayern,’ he will keep on adding millions to his net worth.


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