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June 24, 2019 Gnld NeoLife Price List 2018-2019 Updated


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You need to know if you are to use them separately or along with your medication to get the result you want.

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Don’t allow symptoms to become a chronic disease. If you are experiencing any health problem consult your
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Since GNLD Neolife company does not sell to customers directly you can place your order by sending messages on any kind of product you want and  Pay cash on delivery. Free delivery for supplements of 4 products or up to 100 points.

Here are List Of Our Gnld Neolife Products And Their Prices In Nigeria 2018-2019

Gnld NeoLife Price List 2018-2019 Updated
Gnld NeoLife Price List 2018-2019

NeoLife Weight Loss Supplements

290813points Appetite Reducer(out of stock for now)To reduce appetite, slow down the release of carbohydrate into the blood and stop the onset of diabetes
291272poinsWeight loss products (Vanilla)2 Neolifeshake-Vanila, 1 Amitone, 1 garlic and 1 Fibre tablet66,000
291372poins Weight loss Products -(Strawberry)2 Neolifeshake-Strawberry 1 Amitone, 1 garlic and 1 Fibre tablet66,000
291472points Weight loss products-Chocolate
2 Neolifeshake-Vanila, 1 Amitone, 1 garlic and 1 Fibre tablet

290916pointsThermogenicr(out of stock for now)It increases metabolism rate. It is a fat burner without side effects. Stops the feeling of un-wellness associated with dieting. It increases energy and stops the urge for sweets.11,500

Herbal Alternatives

289621points Feminine Herbal Complex(60 tablets)Relieves congestion of liver and gallbladder. Correct menstrual circle and stops excessive sweating, improves female sex power10,500
289721points Masculine Herbal Complex (60 tablets)Promotes peak performance. It calms the nerves & reduces anxiety, stress, boost sexual power and sperm, lowers blood pressure11,500

Home Care Cleaning Products & Farming chemicals

202110points LDC (1 litre)Washes clothes and preserve colour and make clothes look new. Dissolves oil/grease quickly and leave no residue8,500
201610points Super 10 Fragranced (1 litre)A degreaser, car engine soap that cleans & prevent rust. It repels  mosquito and cockroaches. It is non-toxic, non-caustic and biodegrable.7,500
20616points Wash ‘n’ Wax (500ml)For car wash that protect the color from fading and prevent rust on stainless steel. One bottle can do 100 washing.4,900
2741Super Gro – 5litresLiquid fertilizer to boost fertilizer and harvest more from your garden or farm. It can be use on poulty farm or fish farm. Full usage flyer will follow your order18,500
047Super GroSample bottle250 ml3,500

The Company does not sell to customers directly, they sell through their distributors. We are authorized distributor of Neolife company. Order from us. Call Mr Chigozie to place your order on 09067335009.

Gnld Neolife Health Care Products

278210points Aloe Vera Plus 1 litreAnti-stress, stomach aches, gives good calm sleep, help improves healing.5,800
277925points Ami-Tone (90 tablets)Tummy trimmer, gives great energy and encourage weight loss14,700
278816points Beta Guard(100 tablets)Help you look younger. An antidote for chemotherapy. Detoxify toxins & waste e.g. lead, mercury, heavy metals, chlorine, gases inhaled etc. Heals deep rooted or chronic chest pain. Cleanses the liver, kidney& good for liver disease12,650

Cal-mag 100 tablets

Chelated Cal-Mag
Reduces high cholesterol, good for memory, cramps/joint pains, hypertension, nervousness, heart palpitations, tooth decay & boost bones

Same as above

256411points Carotenoids complex 30 capsulesFight infection, help to destroy diseases, boost killer cells and prevent cancer. Helps in vision problem. Boost immunity and stops hair loss or premature gray hair. Protects the heart6,000
256532points Carotenoids complex 90 capsules15,500
278711points Chelated Zinc 100tablesBoost fast healing of wounds, restores menstrual circle to normal, good for fainting or epilepsy, reverse weak erection or quick ejaculation. Good for ulcer and internal heat,6,500
251210points Chewable All-C 90 tabletsFight cold and viral challenges, boost airway passage and digestive tract. Helps in absorption of iron. Detoxify harmful substances from the body. Helps in production of red blood cells6,800
289216points Cruciferous plus 60 tablesHelp in digestive problems, prevent prostate, lung, liver and bowel cancer. Prevent fibroid formation in the womb, neutralize toxins and solve menopause hot flushes. Stop breast tenderness and sinusitis6,700
2789 10pointsFibre Tablets 120 tabletsCleans the kidney, prevent constipation/gallstone. Correct digestive disorders, lowers sugar level. Good for diabetes, spleen inflammation, piles, eye problems. It relieves excess mucus.5,900
279019points Flavonoid Complex 60 tabletsPrevent cancer, stop bleeding reduce heart attack, swelling and relief joint pains. prevent eye problems at old age, lowers cholesterol, fight “flu”, colds, fever and sore throats8;500
255613points Formula iv plus 30 sachetsGood for body pains, fever of all types, hormonal imbalance. It can wipe away waist pains, restores stopped menses to normal. Brightens eye sight. Helps in recovery from child birth8,700
2557 24pointsFormula iv plus 60 sachets13,640
2505 16pointsFull Motion 90 tabletsGives healthy joints by removing aches and pain in joints. e.g .  arthritis, back-pain, shoulder pain. Remove stiffness & inflammation in joints and make them flexible again. Repairs cartilage &restores lost mobility.11,900
285712points Garlic Alliums complex 60 tabletsFight bacteria, candida, fungus, colds, cough, yeast growth. Good for liver disease. Reduce cholesterol, lowers high blood pressure & prevent stroke/ heart attack, stop tumor growth. Stabilize blood sugar7,000
25099points Lipotropic AdjunctDetoxify the body of waste and  prevent kidney stones. Normalize stomach acids, slow down tumor growth. Prevent fatty deposit on the arterial walls.6,500
250413points Multi Fibre  Blend 284gramsNo animal products in this fibre.good for cancer prevention, diverticulitis, constipation, gallstones, pile, prevent heart disease and obesity10,500
258422points Nutrishake Chocolate 500gramsBuild and repairs cell. Prevent high blood pressure swollen ankles, overweight, heart disease. Makes you look younger and reduces cholesterol.18,000
258322points Nutrishake Strawberry 500grams18,000
258222points Nutrishake Vanilla 500grams18,000
291230points Neolifeshake-VanillaComplete protein to help in weightloss and build muscles19,990
291330points NeolifeShake-StrawBerry                     “19,990
291430points NeolifeShake-Chocolate                    “19,990
NeolifeTea r(out of stock for now)

Provitality Plus 
Energy Tea, that can replace energy drinks and prevent diabetes that is due to too much intake of sugar in energy drinks. It gives energy and calm the bodyTo boost immunity, heart health, flexible joints, for energy, good vision, skin, hair and nails. It makes you look younger and feel vitality all day. 11,500

26705pointsOmega-3 30 capsulesGood for vision problem, to prevent stroke, asthma. Slow down aging. Good for migraine headache, hair loss, rheumatism. Boost memory and breast to reduce insulin intake 3,500
267114points Omega-3 100 capsulesGood for heart, brain and lubricate the joints for easy movement“6,700
267225points Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus 90 capsulesReduces inflammation of all type, keep the heart healthy. Decreases the onset of Alzheimer disease and repair of bones s in rheumatoid arthritis, boost brain fats.10,500
250362points Phyto Defence 30 sachetsBoost immunity and protect the heart. Stops frequent illness and colds. Restore weak eyes. Stops tumor and fibroid growth. Prevent cancer28,500
213517points Tre-en-en 60 capsulesFeed and repair cells. Gives energy and is good for vision problems, eczema, dry skin and wrinkles, boost fertility and breast milk and help children recover from paralysis.5,200
213034points Tre-en-en 120 capsules9;800
254116points Vitamin B complex (sr) 60 tabletsGood for muscle cramps, insomnia, nervousness,   memory loss, dandruff, candida problems, poor appetite, oily facial skin, convulsion, enlarged liver, burning feet or abdominal pains11,500
255113points Vitamin C (sr) 100 tabletsAn anti-aging vitamin. Stops frequent cold/cough. Good for body pains, bleeding gums and toothache, vision problems, cancer, poor digestion, joint pain and for healing of wounds7,500
277411points Vitamin E (200 i.u) 60 capsulesPrevent heart disease. Good for hot flushes, anemia, blood clot, high cholesterol, ulcer, short  breath, chest pain and leg cramps6,500
289419 points Vita Guard 120 tabletsRepairs and restores damage cells. Good for children memory, improves eating habits and reverse kwashiorkor effect in children. Boost children immunity.11,500
289313points Vita Squares 180 tabletsHelps children grow. Stops frequent coughs/colds, ear infection. Improves appetite and increase energy. Stops anemic condition.7,950
256110points Wheat germ Oil 60 capsulesFor itching and watery eyes, hot flushes, hair loss and can glaucoma eye problem. Help flappy breast become firm.7,500

The above Price List is the latest NeoLife Price List 2018-2019
Both NeoLife Distributor and Retail Price List

and its still presence

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