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Tory Lanez Deceiving Eve Mp3 Download

The Hip hop Multi-Award Winning singer, record producer, Tory Lanez comes up with another banger tunes title “Deceiving Eve “ the sound is amazing now available in Video | Lyrics just for you to enjoy and download.

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Tory Lanez Deceiving Eve mp3

Download mp3 Tory Lanez Deceiving Eve

Tory Lanez Deceiving Eve mp3 download

Tory Lanez Deceiving Eve Video

Tory Lanez Deceiving Eve Lyrics

“Deceiving Eve”


Yeah, yeah

You believe that I’d just up and forget that shit?
I mean at the start, I thought about letting this go
Adam and Eve, I know they wish they never did that shit
It was still in the garden, but some things we just have to let go
Joke’s on me, I gave up all this pussy cat that’s in my lap
No looking back, and watched you leave from me
But is the joke on me or you? ‘Cause that new nigga that you got, he’s not flea
He’s not flea (He’s not flea)
And not only that, he’s not me
He’s not me
You believe at times I mistaked what your worth is
I believe, all I did was try to show you purpose
We believe, ooh, we believe
If we would’ve met different times in life, then this shit would’ve been perfect
But it’s imperfect, baby
And is it worth it, baby?
Calling me perfect, baby
And then just turning around and bringing me down like I’m worthless, baby
Then you got the nerve to snap at me when I bring it up to the surface, baby
I mean, the double standard, it get crazy
The double standard, it get wild
I wanted you to have my fuckin’ baby
Now I’m standing with this crooked smile
Does that other nigga make you smile?
Do that other nigga make you crazy?
‘Cause these other niggas, they be hating (Yeah, uh)
I heard another nigga got your body
I heard another nigga got your soul
I know another nigga got it sewed up (Uh)
It’s only your body, shawty, it be scrollin’
Beat the pussy ’til it’s swollen
Give a fuck who I o-ffend (Oh)
Sippin’ Don P, got us open
If you’re horny, bust it open
Baby, trust me, I’m chosen (Uh)
But I don’t stress the odds
‘Cause with all the odds against me, I still thought that I was better than we thought
And I don’t question God
But God, why did you have to give her someone better than me?
Knife inside my heart and it keep stabbing
Embarrassed of the times that I was bragging
Through all the embarrassment, I want you back in, back in, back in
Oh, no (Uh, look)
I know I’m toxic
You know I’m toxic
Your momma know we toxic
She insist we stop this
But I insist that we hop on a jet, go to the tropics
And just switch the topic
‘Cause you know all I want is you to see, see
‘Cause all I want is you to see a half of me
And I know you’ll see


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