Tee Grizzley – Free Baby Grizzley (Outro)

Download Mp3: Tee Grizzley – Free Baby Grizzley (Outro) (Video | Lyrics)

Tee Grizzley Free Baby Grizzley (Outro) Mp3 Download

The Hip hop Multi-Award Winning singer, record producer, Tee Grizzley comes up with another banger tunes title “Free Baby Grizzley (Outro) “ the sound is amazing, now available in Video | Lyrics just for you to enjoy and download.

Listen and Download mp3: Tee Grizzley – Free Baby Grizzley (Outro)

Tee Grizzley Free Baby Grizzley (Outro) Audio

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Tee Grizzley Free Baby Grizzley (Outro) mp3

Download mp3 Tee Grizzley Free Baby Grizzley (Outro)

Tee Grizzley Free Baby Grizzley (Outro) mp3 download

Tee Grizzley Free Baby Grizzley (Outro) Video

Tee Grizzley Free Baby Grizzley (Outro) Lyrics

“Free Baby Grizzley (Outro)”

Tha Realest)
DG shit (Yup)
DG shit (Yup)

I dropped ten (Huh?), then dropped twenty (Okay)
Eighty in my pocket, bitch, I’m gettin’ real money (Okay)
A ‘bow for my sweater, they say I’m an ill dummy (Woo)
But they know they can’t call ‘less they coppin’ pills from me
I’m an Exit 9 (What?), Joy Road Scud bum
Mob got indicted, but we still in the Scud, bum (Scud Zone)
And this the deep end, it ain’t no showin’ love, bum (Uh-uh)
And this a free ten, I had to get the plug, bum (Come here)
What you know about indictments? (What?)
Eighty just to have the lawyer on the case fightin’ (Ayy, ayy)
Vacation to the A to get the mob reunited (Woo)
Little baby in the Wraith and I ain’t even got a license, license (Skrrt, skrrt)
Hutch, let me get another pair (Okay)
Hood nigga all Versace’d down, blow it on a square (Okay)
Ayy, I’m in another country, baby, send it through the air (Okay)
Half a million what I wear
I ain’t trippin’ if you lil’ hoes stare
Stingray, I’m chillin’ on the hood in the hood (Skrrt)
Bad bitch with me strapped up, Maya Good (Come here)
You ain’t never seen a double-G nigga, take a look (Woo)
Big pistol on my lap while I’m puffin’ on a ‘Wood (Brr, brr)
Hit the mall and lose my motherfuckin’ mind (Gas)
Gucci on, Louis on at the same time (Woo, woo)
A rich nigga livin’, I ain’t talkin’ ’bout snitchin’ (Eat)
When I say I hit four million and drop a whole dime (Eat)
You know I’m eatin’ good, I play with a whole chicken (Ah)
Take an L, we still good like cold chicken (We good)
You buyin’ paper plates, we eatin’ off gold dishes (Bum)
I fuck with thoroughbreds, you runnin’ with bum niggas (He what?)
Should I go on?
Two chains, soon to put some more on (Okay)
If I fuck your baby boo, I gotta put my bro on (Okay)
Throw ’em from Mexico, for that touchdown, I go long (Okay)
I go so hard, you niggas continue to go home (Home)
Grind all winter (Ah), summertime too (Ah)
Top gone, GT, summertime coupe (No cap)
Dearborn Heights, I’m out here fuckin’ with a Jew (No cap)
Big blocks on, it’s a band for a shoe (No cap)
They hatin’ when I know these lil’ niggas wanna be me (Bitch)
Get your bitch lewd for them bands like MiMi (Bitch)
LV shirt and my belt say GG (Bitch)
Throw a dub at you in the club, nigga, 3D (Woo)
Show you how to ball, take notes when you see me (Ayy)
Cut your bitch off when I’m done like a teepee (Ayy)
Ran off on the plug twice like a repeat (Ayy)
If he move wrong, get burnt like a CD (Ayy)
Whole foot in cam’ when them Lam’ doors push up
Fuck a push-up, I flex hard from the cook-up
Make his stomach bubble like a pop when he shook up
Them P’s on deck, yeah, bitch, I got the hook-up
You hear me? (Bitch)

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