SSG Splurge – Messiah

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SSG Splurge Messiah Mp3 Download

The Hip hop Multi-Award Winning singer, record producer, SSG Splurge comes up with another banger tunes title “Messiah “ the sound is amazing, now available in Video | Lyrics just for you to enjoy and download.

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SSG Splurge Messiah Audio

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SSG Splurge Messiah mp3

Download mp3 SSG Splurge Messiah

SSG Splurge Messiah mp3 download

SSG Splurge Messiah Video

SSG Splurge Messiah Lyrics


Hey get in here, Teejmadeit
Mom, Teej is on the computer again
Double S-G

What tha f**k they charging 50 for?
Why he loaded up the Sprinter bus?
Gang piece with the Emerald cut
Flip it, whip it, get it tinted up
Broke it down, I tried to bend her up
Showed me love, I tried to send her plus
Racks all in the centerfold
Pull it out and get yo killer touched
Coupe sticky, he got peanut butter
Text my hoe and said “We need each other”
Fan the opp’s if we see each other
I don’t love her I just sleep with her
I’m a killer (?)
My uncle cook up a eagle
My white hoe listen to Beatles
My weird hoe collect beetles
Been with that gang since a fetus
That ain’t no Hellcat, baby that’s a Demon
Hop on the tracks with my brother that’s a feature
He try to run, we gon’ chase em like cheetah
I mean, I ran it up
We thuggin’ raw we not bandless
I paint his body like a canvas
She was too light make her tan it up
Walk in this b*t*h with my jewels out
Walk in this b*t*h with my tool tucked
f**k around and shoot straight to Houston
I’m in the (?) with my scooter
You know I be with my (?)
We hit the streets like the woods
I made that hoe run my ones
I told my shooters they good
I thought n***as was on my head but they gone need some bread for it
I got n***as walkin’ down in Bread 1’s they shoot Air Jordans

Oh I heard they ain’t got a plug on Heroin, well watch us import it
With that jump shot I be airborne until a n***a leg torn
We make sure you get to actually shoot yo sh*t like we play horse on ’em

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Hop out, I don’t play, Ima shoot this K till I lose this voice on ’em
Plug say he got a play we might take ’em down in a Ghost, Rolls Royce on ’em
f**k around shoot that b*t*h broad day, you scared? Then you need to patch that torch homie
Some of these n***as ain’t died
That mean they good at hidin’
My album drop in July
Whole March and April I’m slidin’
I ain’t even got no Batman cause I was Robin I probably would rob ’em
I ain’t even try to get her excited, I made her slobber, she using saliva

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Come to the house boy, we got crack in the walls and it look like spiders
I don’t even need no weed, just gimme a Perc, so high I can’t fight it
I don’t even really like beef cause all my songs might get me indicted
30 clip bigger than me, when I walk in these streets I can’t even hide it
She on Perc, she on Molly take that b*t*h too (?)
Catch yo man’s, he not Guan but oh my he’s on fire
Said he got licks for all them bands, but oh my he’s a liar
I’m from the trenches but somehow I turned to a f**kin Messiah

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