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PMD Freestyle Mp3 Download

The Hip hop Multi-Award Winning singer, record producer, PMD comes up with another banger tunes title “Freestyle “ the sound is amazing now available in Video | Lyrics just for you to enjoy and download.

Listen and Download mp3: PMD – Freestyle

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PMD Freestyle Audio

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PMD Freestyle mp3

Download mp3 PMD Freestyle

PMD Freestyle mp3 download

PMD Freestyle Video

PMD Freestyle video is yet to drop, kindly check back in few days for it

PMD Freestyle Lyrics


A-yo bust the new layout
Switch wayout so come and get it and rock with it
A-yo Flex they know you want did it
The rhyme buster bust it till the end
Biggedy back up on your set now let me begin
Another new year you know my crews here to make a k**in’
That’s how a feelin’ we trunk tight and now we top billin’
It’s the head liner full time shiner
Riggedy rock rough rhymes cause I’m out to get mines
So spread the word through your bourough I’m mad thorough
I’m just a rap super hero you get zero
But ain’t nothin’ that’s just how we do international crew
The Hit Squad we comin’ through

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Now who this about to do this out the Dox sly like a fox
You know my style rocks like heavy metal hard to the core
So pa** me the ball yes y’all I bet I score
With the remedy kid you better be on your toes
With the hardcore raps in fact bats and gats bustin’ lyrical caps
To make your whole team collapse

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Yo sky’s the limit watch me run through cheers like I’m Emmit
Brothers don’t get it like UFO visits
Who is it? f** the Volva rugged like a land cruiser
Blunt abuser watch out my style maneuvers
Quickly I can say a verse that’ll burst every vessel
In your brain muscle
Use to hustle on the street like flip a triple knife in the philly
My style is as Free as Willy

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It be the Books the boogie banger danger
Who wanna do me? Deep in the black Range?
You in the hooptie, groupie b**hes and snitches
They hate me with a pa**ion we laughin’ at the squad yappin’
Ain’t nothin’ happenin’ your a** will get Slashed
Like that dude from the rock group
I knock boots giggedy got loot but n**edy not suites
Knuckle up will make your knees buckle up
Hope diggedy jab uppercut what the f**
I piggedy puff enough stuff to get the universe zooted
Cause all I got is my n**edy nuts and my music
Das EFX big up to Scratch he life God devine split dog
Tys and Funk Flex and we out yo

Hit Squad, Hit Squad keep it live

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