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Download Mp3: Fat Ray – Flight Risk/Plea the 5th (Video | Lyrics)

Fat Ray Flight Risk/Plea the 5th Mp3 Download

The Hip hop Multi-Award Winning singer, record producer, Fat Ray comes up with another banger tunes title “Flight Risk/Plea the 5th “ the sound is amazing now available in Video | Lyrics just for you to enjoy and download.

Listen and Download mp3: Fat Ray – Flight Risk/Plea the 5th

Fat Ray Flight Risk/Plea the 5th Audio

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Fat Ray Flight Risk/Plea the 5th mp3

Download mp3 Fat Ray Flight Risk/Plea the 5th

Fat Ray Flight Risk/Plea the 5th mp3 download

Fat Ray Flight Risk/Plea the 5th Video

Fat Ray Flight Risk/Plea the 5th Lyrics

“Flight Risk/Plea the 5th”

[Part I: Flight Risk]

Mhm, gang-gang shit
Bruiser Brigade
Ayo, ayo

Word to that coke resin on the dollar bill
Our forefathers would have got us killed
It’s warmongers in the jungle still
Ain’t nothin’ fresh without yo’ Uncle Phil
Speaking of fresh, I’m playing speed chess with Samuel L
Mademoiselle gon’ spark the L
I mix the Henny with the ginger ale
We pinch pennies to a dollar bill
We hit they cities with a lot of pills
It turn to [?] when you try to build
Flight risks, but we travel still
We left bodies on the battlefield
I’m еyeballin’ shit without a scale
We gotta gеt the sales
We in the belly of the killer whale
You to a rat from a tattletail
I wish the youth would choose to be themselves
They say the truth will manifest itself
But Lazarus ain’t resurrect hisself
You seen that set-up on [?] shelves
I need that inter-continental belt
I need that Lincoln Continental stealth

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Alexa, play some gangsta shit
Gangster sh—

[Part II: Plea the 5th]

Shooter shit, sink yo’ battleship, plea the fifth
Presidential, flee the whips, eatin’ pita chips
Had to pay Paul, we took Peter shit
Had to play ball, [?] shit, verbal Bruce Lee and shit
Bring a QP a [?], it’s a tight fight
Niggas going night-night, Kevin Hart
Heavy metal spark for them white stripes
Play it smart, things could fall apart in a [?]
Jewelry [?], Beanie Sigel what your life like
Non-stop, posted on that block, like it’s swipe right
Praying for the day my mama see me get my life right
I’m like a pencil in a knife fight
Bet I John Wick ’em when that price right
Bet I Slick Rick ’em when it’s bedtime
We need that money by that deadline
We push them horses to the red line
We pay a fortune just to tell time
We keep a portion for the bail bonds
Jump fence when the 12 slide, they’ll fuck you up like [?]
Right there by yo’ mom, right there on the lawn
All the weapons drawn, all respect is gone
Fuck 12 nigga

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Fuck the police
[?] RIP all the lives that matter, versus everybody
Everyday [?] a war, man, you understand what I’m sayin’?
And not in a negative way, but you fighting something everyday

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