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Download Mp3: Drakeo the Ruler, Ralfy the Plug – Close That Backdoor (Video / Lyrics)

Drakeo the Ruler, Ralfy the Plug Close That Backdoor Mp3 Download

The Hip hop Multi-Award Winning singer, record producer, Drakeo the Ruler, Ralfy the Plug comes up with another banger tunes title “Close That Backdoor “ the sound is amazing now available in Video | Lyrics just for you to enjoy and download.

Listen and Download mp3: Drakeo the Ruler, Ralfy the Plug – Close That Backdoor

Drakeo the Ruler, Ralfy the Plug Close That Backdoor Audio

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Drakeo the Ruler, Ralfy the Plug Close That Backdoor mp3

Download mp3 Drakeo the Ruler, Ralfy the Plug Close That Backdoor

Drakeo the Ruler, Ralfy the Plug Close That Backdoor mp3 download


Drakeo the Ruler, Ralfy the Plug Close That Backdoor Video

Drakeo the Ruler, Ralfy the Plug Close That Backdoor Lyrics

“Close That Backdoor”


This right here is a vocal exercise
Verses and freestyles, 3 to 1, that’s a ratio
Ayo so lemme explain how this is gonna work
When you hear this sound (Gun Cock)
That means I’m about to go in off the top of my head
Everything else is pre written
These verses are all wordplay
The tone and the emotions of the lyrics change
They progress in the same way as the album does
Think of all these verses as the cracks between the songs
It’s extra. I want to recap what’s been going on and start to hint for what’s to come
This is where I, elaborate on what I mean
You know, this’ll, this’ll help explain my ideology
There’s knowledge hidden in here that’s gonna make the album click together
No Backups, no editing, it’s just gonna be one vocal track ya know?
I’m gonna keep it nice and simple
Simple beat
And I’m a real emcee so I don’t need a crazy beat to flex
I just let my lyrics do the talking
So uh, how long did I make this beat?
45 minutes? Yeesh, alright…Let’s go

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Verse 1
Ayo, don’t fuck with me
Don’t fuck with N!cky G
I run rap like track like Steve P
I got the lyrical heat
The inferno that burns through your journal (Mos Def)
I’m out for blood like a Crip
I’m swashbuckling ships
Put my roots with my loot like a pirate
All my music, Internet pirate-
I’m violent when my mind is dilate
I spit so much it drips on my own dick
The only thing I’m riding is my own dick
And the only thing I write is my own shit
That’s a shot at ghostwriters and my consciousness
So let me tell you what my options is
I can either be pompous or an optimist
And I can even sell celibates if I was a black market auctionist, the new clients monogamous
I got this shit like a gastroenterologist
I like to pop my zits
And be with
A B.I.G. butt Notorious (bitch!)
Shut up and listen I got more christenings to give
I’m a monster like the loch ness
I could ground you up and eat you like sausage
And if you’re easily nauseous don’t watch this cause
I’ll go straight for your esophagus
Just playin, I kill ‘em with kindness
I’m full of life like metropolis
You know I rock this shit
Swing a sword at it like a Boblikin
Leave your one legged friend hobbling
And I got lines like red Robins fries, bottomless

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Verse 2
Sometimes I don’t believe in myself like I’m heaven sent
Sometimes I don’t feel myself, self-celibate
I could save a million lives and find a way to talk myself out of the relishment
Cause nothings ever good enough for a perfectionist
I’ve been too negligent with my intelligence
I’ve been a resident inside of being hesitant
Focused on the irrelevant
No longer can that be my precedent
Time to develop my replenishment
And Let my actions become the evidence
I got big shoes to fill now
I grew up and filled out
But a lot of my dreams spilled out
I robbed myself and took the till out
Feeling like I shot myself in the face
With bullet cases
Put holes in a lot of situations
But now I’m trying to raise my innovations
Climb to the top of the Appalachians
Where I can grasp my aspirations
That’s why I bleed in every rap that I’m making
Every beat is yeast, I been baking
The lines are the icing to complete the cake
I had patterns of bulimia so I stuff my face
I wilted, but I put new flowers in the vase
Water myself everyday
Sunk in my roots
Opened my eyes, to obtuse
More than right, then left into flight
Got high I’m off my vocal pipe
Then ate the ripe fruit
Happiness is the pursuit
Shoot any dispute
Ain’t no problem I can’t compute
Ain’t no dispute I can’t compute
And I’m en route to becoming the progidy
I’m en route to becoming the progidy
I’m en route to becoming the prog…prodigy
I’m en route to becoming to prodigy I was when I was 10
Except now I’m a grown man
I can really do things now I don’t have to pretend
Like I used to in my bed-
Room, look at the starts out my window and tell myself “I’ll be there soon”

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