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Download Mp3: Chester Watson – Ronin (Video | Lyrics)

Chester Watson Ronin Mp3 Download

The Hip hop Multi-Award Winning singer, record producer, Chester Watson comes up with another banger tunes title “Ronin “ the sound is amazing now available in Video | Lyrics just for you to enjoy and download.

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Chester Watson Ronin Audio

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Chester Watson Ronin mp3

Download mp3 Chester Watson Ronin

Chester Watson Ronin mp3 download

Chester Watson Ronin Video

Chester Watson Ronin Lyrics


My soul is glow in the dark
See it through the hole in my heart
My token is golden it sparkle
We’re all supernovas, and stars
The Yokai have left an impression
I’m impressed, i don’t know where to start
I confess i have astral projected to Mars Or i dreamt that i did it
But what is a dream but a plane of existence that we haven’t touched
I had to leave in a rush
Brand new y3s hit the mud
It’s windy, the ILU is snug
I feel like Mace Windu
Out in New Jersey with Kent Loon
Hеnnessy pure white from Kinduu
Might gеt a tat on my ribs too
Buttermilk bath like i’m rich. huh
Alien i feel like stitch
Phaded i might crash the ship
Lean wit it, rock wit the drip
Keep it high confidence
Just gotta find the grimoires, then i dip
This ain’t quest it’s just as reckless as shit
I’m just impressed by metrics of it
Cop some chateau and day drink with a witch
A prince of Poseidon depraved
Still niggas be riding my wave
People don’t want to be saved
Until they deep inside they grave
But by then it’s too late
I’m just a sinner let fate; twist
Powers at work from the ancients
So all my beats got a faint hiss
Mayan beam up to the spaceship
I cannot deal with snakes
I cannot deal with fake shit niggas concealin the hate
Might to move to Japan it just makes sense
Had a daymare during day-shift
Scars on my wrist from the
Think i’m in a plane of existence that we haven’t touched
I had to leave in a rush
Woke up to demons and yokai
Saw one was bleeding from both eyes
Dodomeki and Oni amuck
These niggas stay cloning my stuff
A loner, a rōnin, it’s luck
I wander, i roam wit it tucked
The gold my neck like a buck
Fitty- or somethin i cannot keep up
Witty and young, and i don’t fuck
Sticky my lungs like a chimney
Keep it one hunnid. my energy
I know there‘s somewhere i’m meant to be
Out in galaxy where my soul sent from
I’m aiming the mission. no aimless amidst us
Think i’m in a plane or existence that we haven’t touched
I had to leave in a rush

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