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Download Mp3: Benny the Butcher & 38 Spesh – Spineless Ft. Ransom (Video / Lyrics)

Benny the Butcher & 38 Spesh Spineless Mp3 Download

The Hip hop Multi-Award Winning singer, record producer, Benny the Butcher & 38 Spesh Featuring Ransom comes up with another banger tunes title “Spineless “ the sound is amazing now available in Video | Lyrics just for you to enjoy and download.

Listen and Download mp3: Benny the Butcher & 38 Spesh – Spineless

Benny the Butcher & 38 Spesh Spineless Ft. Ransom Audio

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Benny the Butcher & 38 Spesh Spineless mp3

Download mp3 Benny the Butcher & 38 Spesh Spineless

Benny the Butcher & 38 Spesh Spineless mp3 download

Benny the Butcher & 38 Spesh Spineless Video

Benny the Butcher & 38 Spesh Spineless Lyrics


(feat. Ransom)


My nigga we lit (My nigga we lit)
Nigga, we lit (Nigga, we lit)
Fuck all that shit you be talking (Uh)
Fuck all that shit you be talking (Uh)
Fuck all that shit you be talking (Uh)
Fuck all that shit you be talking[Verse 1: Ransom]
I’m in that bitch with the .30 on me (.30 on me)
You know we rich, I be storing bands (Storing bands)
Me, I just be cooling out (Uh)
I let the money dance (I let the money dance)
I got that .40 up in my pants
I told your shawty to watch her hands (Watch yo hand)
I took that bitch to the Waffle House (Waffle House)
If her feet ugly I kick her out (Kick her out)
I came a long way from bagging grams (Nagging up)
Now I got all types of different fans
Riding around in them foreign shits (Skrrt)
If I go broke I’m extorting shit
I only talk bout imported shit, loyal fee, loyalty, niggas don’t know ’bout it (They don’t know ’bout it)
I usеd to hang at the dope houses (At thе dope houses)
I used to give all the smoke out it (All the smoke out it)
Stowing that four pound or smoking a whole pound (Smoking a whole pound)
It was just me and my four pound (My four pound)
I hop in the whip and I roll out (I roll out)
She sucking my dick, she my ho now (My ho now)
I’m fucking her friend
She give me a threesome and now that bitch calling me “bro” now (Bro now)
I woke up with three different bitches and I swear I don’t even know how

Verse 2: Benny the Butcher]
It was no hope where I’m headed at (Where I’m headed at)
I dare you to try tell a felon that (I dare you)
You hit my line we can settle that, if I don’t answer my jack then you dead on that (Dead)
They nowhere close where my level at (Nah)
Walked in this bitch like, “What up, where that cheddar at?”
Linked with execs who don’t know where no ghettos at
Where they get hit and bring no purple medals back
I-I taught him all that he know (What he know?)
She thought lil’ bro was a rookie (Nah)
These bitches outta their mind (‘Cause what)
‘Cause they think the dough worth the pussy (Ah)
We went from trapping to politics, ratchets anonymous, traps be like colleges (Woo)
We say we come and we slidin’ but y’all call y’all OGs to come talk us out of it
We was groomed, the block got us ready
I stood by the blender ’til I got a headache
First day I started sell rocks by the deli
Don’t give em nothing, these thots gotta beg me
She want a baller, these bitches be thirsty
She’s throwing it at me she know that I’m up
I text her phone, her friends tell her, “Good luck”
She fucked the first night, that’s gon’ get her stood up
Every line quotable, quartable, my diamonds noticeable
They fuck with gang out in Tokyo
I’m taking photos with fans, tryna be sociable
I can whip grams ’til they floatable (Ah)

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