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February 22, 2019 NeoLife Chelated CalMag

NeoLife Chelated Cal-Mag

Cal−Mag with Vit D3 ₦6,000.00 BUY Code: 2721 (1 x 90 tablets) NeoLife Chelated Cal-Mag supplement tablets is a vitamin-mineral product which provides the required mixture of calcium and magnesium, providing the minerals necessary for each day. 3 tablets provide 300mg Calcium (Glycinate) and 150mg Magnesium (Glycinate). This GNLD supplement tablets pack gives you the […]

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January 13, 2019

NeoLife Lipotropic Adjunct

This formula is intended to keep your heart healthy. Nothing keeps the heart beating strong better than a balanced diet low in cholesterol and No thanks to modern lifestyle, it is difficult to stick to a diet that is beneficial for your heart. GNLD’s lipotropic adjunct helps to metabolize homocysteine- a metabolic by-product that can damage the […]

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May 21, 2018 NeoLife Vita Guard

NeoLife Vita Guard

NeoLife Vita Gard ₦11,500.00 BUY Code 2894 (1 x 120 Tablets) Dosage: Simply crush one delicious tablet into their drink preferably a drink of GNLD Nutrishake protein supplement product NeoLife Vita Guard is a healthy antioxidant supplement for children in chewable form. It has no artificial flavors or colorings and it is extracted from organically […]

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